Me & Mine {September 2014}

I have decided to join in with Dear Beautiful’s ‘The Me and Mine Project’ so I have been looking back through old photos of the three of us. Sophie was born on the 30th September. Although we took lots of photos in the hospital, after a long induction and an emergency C-Section I tried not to be in any of them (which I regret now). So this photo from our baby shower will have to be our first ‘Me & Mine’ family photo. Technically Sophie is in it!


My belly button had popped, my ankles were very swollen, we had just had a stressful week spent in and out of hospital and had just been booked in for an induction. Unbeknown to us, my family had been busy preparing a surprise baby shower! I was tired, waddling and in pain but it was a fantastic afternoon with lots of fun games.





The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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