Sensory Bag

Sophie has started to take an interest in feeling different textures. She loves the inside of her dad’s slippers! So I decided to try to make a sensory mat to use during tummy time.

What you need:

  •  Ziplock freezer bag (I used some old packaging from a knitting set as the plastic felt thicker than a ziplock bag and had no writing on
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Hair gel
  • Items to fill the bag e.g. glitter, pom poms and sequins (Make sure that you don’t include anything sharp that might puncture the bag)

What to do:

1. Seal three of the edges with duct tape (You do not need to do this if you are using a ziplock bag).

2. Fill the pocket with hair gel and the items that you are using to fill it with.


3. Seal the fourth edge and make sure to reinforce the corners to stop the hair gel from leaking.


I think Sophie will interact with this more as she gets older (She is only 11 weeks at the moment) but it was great to place it in front of her during tummy time for her hands to rest on.


If you have a go at making one of these please make sure to supervise your child when they are using it just in case the hair gel leaks.


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