Pumpkin Carving

We were invited to a Halloween party with a BYOP competition. We didn’t get around to carving it until the morning of the party so we were in a bit of a rush. We let her feel some in a bowl but next time I think I would put Sophie in the tuff spot with the pumpkin guts!

We decided to make a cat because Sophie loves them. She could apparently tell it was supposed to be a cat because she said ‘Ahhhh’ everytime she walked past it (her version of a meow!)

We ended up being the only people to turn up with a pumpkin so we ended up winning!

We didn’t have time to do many crafts and activities for Halloween this year apart from making some playdough so I have been pinning lots of ideas ready for next year.

Here is Sophie all dressed up for her Halloween party as a bat… the wings didn’t stay on for long!


We went to a second Halloween party and ditched the wings in favour of a broomstick. Here is Sophie’s second Halloween outfit – a witch.


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