Valentine’s Day Painting

I wanted to create some pictures with Sophie to hang in her playroom for Valentine’s Day. We started off by painting at the easel using pink, red and purples paints. Sophie LOVED it but there was more paint on her than on the paper. She enjoyed the feel of the paint on her toes and used the paint brush to paint her legs.


The next time we got the paint out I put a piece of paper inside a ziplock bag and squirted some paint inside the bag in the hope that the paper would be covered in paint by the end. Sophie decided to make her dolls jump on the paint and then had jump on it too.

I helped her to squish the paint so that it would spread and fill the page. As the bags were quite thick (we use IKEA ones) we also used some of her paint stamps and scrapers which made patterns in the paint through the bag.

I took the pieces of paper out of the bag and left them to dry overnight. It was quite tricky to get the paper out without ripping it. Next time, I would try using card. When they had dried we used cookie cutters and the paint stamps to add details using white paint.

Sophie loves paint on her feet and decided to stand in it at one point so one of the pieces ended up with a really cute footprint.

We managed to contain the paint in the tuff spot and Sophie even helped to clean up at the end!



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