Valentine’s Glitter Gloop (Oobleck)

I LOVE the feel of oobleck. It turns into a solid when you squeeze it but pours through your fingers when you hold it still. We have made this at school during Science week and it is always a big messy hit with children and adults.

They had some at Sophie’s playgroup today and she kept going back to play with it so we made some when we got home. If you don’t like mess, this probably isn’t the activity for you! This is what the tuff spot looked like by the end of the activity… abandoned by us both as Sophie went straight into the bath and we both needed an outfit change!


We managed to keep the oobleck inside the tuff spot and honestly Sophie managed to make more mess when she grabbed the Calpol syringe off us (I have no idea how to get it off the ceiling!) so I really would recommend making this because it is so much fun.

What you need:


  • cornflour
  • cold water
  • food colouring
  • glitter

I got Sophie to help mix this because it just used cold water. We didn’t measure the ingredients out. Instead, we just added more water if it was too thick or more cornflour if it was too runny. We settled on a consistency that went hard when we squeezed it but was gloopy enough to scoop up with spoons.  We added pink food colouring and glitter as we have been doing Valentine’s Day themed crafts this week. 

I didn’t take many photos because we got stuck in with our hands so I was covered in gloop! Sophie loved scooping the oobleck and letting it drip off the spoon. We also used the paint scrapers and some kitchen utensils to make patterns on the tuff spot.


Once Sophie had finished playing I put her straight in the bath. The oobleck washed off really easily. I put her in her highchair with a snack while I tidied up. By this time, the oobleck had started to dry and turn a slightly powdery. I was able to scrap most of it off with the paint scrapers and then wipe the tray clean with a wet cloth. It was much easier to clean up than I had anticipated. Sophie loved playing with the gloop. I will definitely do this activity with her again.

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