Mini Museum – Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

We decided to take Sophie to town on the train to visit a new exhibition at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery called ‘Mini Museum. It is a gallery that has been designed for children aged 5 and under to enable them to experience the museum. I think it is such a good way to encourage people to bring younger children to museums.

The Mini Museum includes fine art from the Museums’ collection, taxidermy from the natural science collections, dressing up clothes, a puppet theatre, and a storytelling area with plenty of books.

source bmag.jpg
Source: BMAG

We took our pushchair with us so we couldn’t enter via the main entrance as there are lots of steps. However, there was a side entrance with a lift just around the corner. The exhibition was smaller than I expected (no pun intended) but there was a good variety of activities for under 5s.

Sophie’s favourite was the dressing up clothes. They were hung up on a clothes rail and the children could just help themselves. She also enjoyed the puppet theatre – mostly so that she could play peepo with her dad!

The Mini Museum was well designed with pictures hung lower and taxidermy displayed in cases that the children could see into.The also had magnifying glasses so that they could take an even closer look. She liked waving at the animals and enjoyed walking around the room. There was plenty of space to push the pushchair around and a lovely big soft matted area with books for the children to look at.

I think Sophie would have played there for ages especially as there were lots of big children to watch! I would recommend popping in if you are in the city center especially as you can get a drink and some cake in the beautiful Edwardian Tearooms.  There is no entrance free to the BMAG or this exhibition but they do welcome donations. I am not sure how long the exhibition is on for as it doesn’t say on the website so if you are interested I would try to visit sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery tweeted me to say that there is no end date for the Mini Museum and that they may add/change features as they respond to feedback & try out ideas.

*I have not been sponsored to do this review. I just wanted to share our days out on the blog.

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