Pottery Painting – The Creative Cafe, Narberth

Last weekend we stayed at Bluestone Wales. I have always wanted to have a go at painting pottery so when I found out there was a paint your own pottery cafe nearby, in Narberth, I convinced Craig that we should go and try it out. We got to The Creative Cafe for 10 o’clock when it opened and managed to get a car park space right outside.


When we went in, the staff explained the costs and what we needed to do then they let us choose a table. The whole cafe seemed lovely and bright. We chose a table right in the window so we could appreciate being warm and dry despite the drizzly weather outside. Sophie was ready to paint straight away and even started to ‘paint’ her foot when I told her we were going to use paint to make her footprint!

We paid a studio fee of £5 which included unlimited use of the paints, glazing and firing. There were lots of different things you could choose to paint from money boxes to bowls. If you go, make sure to check out the shelves on the left hand side of the cafe too as we didn’t spot these until we went to use the baby change facilities before we left. We chose a plate which was £12.50. From what I can tell the prices are quite competitive, however be warned you could end up spending a small fortune as there are so many lovely things you would want to paint!

All of the tables were set up and ready to go. There was a good range of colours and brushes provided. I loved how the paintbrush pot had samples of each of the colours available on the side to show what colour they would turn out after the pottery had been glazed and fired. Each colour is also available in a tube with a special nib so you can do writing or fine details. They also provided tiles to use as a  palette/practice area and pencils which you could sketch your design with. I wish I had used these to plan the spacing of my writing a bit better especially as the pencil lines burn off and disappear when it is fired.

If you want to do hand prints or footprints with children, the staff in the shop will help. Sophie scrunched her toes up and her print smudged a little when we took her foot off. The lady offered to do it again but I just patched it up using a paintbrush. We each made a thumb print chick and I attempted to add details with the writing paints. I wish I had practiced on the tile a bit more before adding their legs and eyes!

Sophie and Craig moved to the comfy chairs and had a drink while I finished the plate. We decided to create an plate to put carrots on for the Easter Bunny so I wrote a message around the rim. We were offered drinks to say thank you for reviewing the cafe and I would definitely recommend their hot chocolate! It was the perfect drink for a rainy day.

We left our plate with them when we were finished so that it could be glazed and fired. We were told we could collect it the next day. If you are unable to collect your pottery, they do offer a postage service for a small fee.

As we were reviewing the cafe, we were invited to go and see the kiln. It was interesting to see behind the scenes and watch our plate get dipped into the glaze.

I was really impressed with the quality of the plate and glaze when we got it back. Here is our finished plate (I would love to go back and redo the writing!) Sophie loves it  and keeps putting her foot on top of the carrot footprint. If you ask which chick daddy/mummy/Sophie made she will point to the right one too. It’s a lovely keepsake and I am sure it will become a firm family tradition to get this out every Easter.


We had a lovely morning in The Creative Cafe and would definitely visit again next time we are in Wales. My brother-in-law and his girlfriend went the next day and had a great time too.

To find out more details and opening times check out The Creative Cafe’s website or Facebook page.

*We only had to pay for one studio fee and received free drinks for the purpose of this review, however all words and opinions are my own.

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