Playing with Shadows

I love the change of seasons and it has been so great to see hints of sunshine over the past few days. Sophie noticed the shadows on the wall the other day as the sun streamed through the window and was fascinated by them.


She worked out that if she moved her hands the shadows changed. It was brilliant to watch her lift her arms in the air and see her face amazed that the shadow did the same.

I gave her some cookie cutters to hold up and we looked at the patterns that they made on the wall.


Then we went off around the house in search of items to use to make shadows. The colander made a great pattern where the sun shone through the holes. She keep signing ‘more’ and then would go and find another object. The water cup was really good as the shadow created by the water danced around on the wall, the plastic lid created a pink tint and the letters on the bottle were magnified and projected onto the wall.


For a spur of the moment activity, this kept her interested for quite a while. Perhaps next time we will make some shadow puppets using card – the best I could do with my hands was a duck and a rabbit.

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