Framed Hand Print Tutorial

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday I was thinking about what I could make for my mum this year. I have an idea and I have bought the stuff but I can’t write a post about it as she reads my blog (hi mum!) so here is a post about what I made last year. I made a framed hand print of Sophie’s hand and I loved it so much that I made one for myself too!

What you need:

Frame – I picked this one up from B&Q.

Wallpaper/wrapping paper/fabric – again you could get this from B&Q as a sample!


Paint & brush or a paint pad


Glue/double sided tape

Baby wipes!


1. Create a hand print. If only it was that simple! We did some practice hand prints first. Sophie was quite young and once she felt the paint on her hand she would make a fist! I worked out that if I tapped the paper with her hand she would then open her hand up allowing me to gently press it onto the paper. We also used a lot of baby wipes to clean up before Sophie could put her pink hand in her mouth!


2. Once the paint is dry, draw some lines around the hand print and cut it out so that it fits in the center of the frame leaving space for a border.

3. Cover the back of the frame with patterned paper.


4. Glue the hand print to the center of the patterned background and then put the frame back together.


The present was a big hit and still sits proudly on her fireplace a year later.


Do you give presents to your Mum for Mother’s Day? What would be the best present you could receive? Last year I wished that I wouldn’t have to change nappies for an entire day (which was granted thanks to my lovely husband). This year, I would love for someone to come and give my house a spring clean!

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