Easter Egg Drop Game

This is a quick and easy game to set up. We used an empty wrapping paper tube and some small plastic eggs from Poundland. We tried to roll the Easter eggs down the tube so that they would land in the bucket. Well, I did. Sophie just liked rolling them in any direction! The tube was really long, so I cut it to make two shorter pieces which gave Sophie a little more control over where they went.

Sophie concentrated really hard to get them into the tube. I am surprised her tongue wasn’t sticking out!

As I collected them up for her, I put one into the bucket. Sophie noticed and started to drop them in by hand instead!

She managed to get lots of them in the bucket!


Sophie really enjoyed playing this game. When she went to bed, I left all of the bits for it in her playroom. This morning, I went to make toast and came back to find her playing independently.

photo (2)

This game is really good for:

  • Moving and Handling – picking up objects
  • Shape, space and Measure – understanding that things might happen ‘now’, using positional language (through, down, into),
  • Understanding cause and effect
  • Hand-eye coordination


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Easter Egg Drop Game

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21 thoughts on “Easter Egg Drop Game

  1. Bless her she looks so cute concentrating so hard! Love these simple activities for little ones xx


    1. Yeah, it would work with balls and drain pipes or kitchen roll tubes and pom poms. When she starts to recognise her colours/is old enough to aim, I am going to try to do a colour drop game where she has to get the pom pom into the pot that is the same colour.

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