Easter Egg Hunt Sensory Basket

I found this shredded paper in B&M for 79p for a pack and thought that it would be great for a sensory activity in the run up to Easter.  I hid some plastic eggs and fluffy chicks that I bought from Poundland amongst the paper so that Sophie could hunt for them.

I left it in the tuff spot for Sophie to find. She noticed the chick straight away and picked it up. She gave it a cuddle and we talked about how soft it was.


She preferred to pull the paper out rather than feel around for the eggs and chicks.

As she pulled the paper out, eggs and chicks settled at the bottom of the basket. She was excited to discover the large pile of them.


We scrunched some of the paper together and I talked about the noise it made. Sophie enjoyed picking it up and I think she liked the sound that it made.

She put some of the eggs back into the basket and enjoyed lifting the paper to look for the chicks. It was such an easy activity to set up and she got really stuck in.


This activity is good for:

  • Enclosing Schema – hiding objects and containing them in the basket.
  • Enveloping Schema – hiding objects and digging for objects.
  • Moving and Handling – picking up objects, squatting to play
  • Numbers – knowing that things exist even when out of sight
  • Shape, Space and Measure – filling and emptying containers
  • The World – watching toys been hidden and being able to find them


*The links on this page are not affiliate links. I just wanted to share where I bought things from.

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