Farmyard Small World

After making bird seed Christmas decorations, we had lots of seeds left over so I decided to put together a sensory box using the Easter chicks that I bought. Sophie is really enjoying playing with her farmyard set at the moment so I added some of the wooden buildings and accessories to the box. The chicks and sheep were definitely not to scale!

Sophie loved the feel of the bird seed and enjoyed picking it up and dropping it inside the building. We pretended to make the chicks eat the seeds and she made great eating noises!


She played with the shredded plastic a little bit but she definitely preferred the seeds. I have left this small world set up in the tuff spot and she has gone back to play with it a few times already. The farmer does keep leaving to go to her pretend gym class though!  I think I might adapt it by adding some scoops and eggs boxes so that she can pour the seeds.


This activity is good for:

  • engaging in pretend play using toys
  • enjoying sensory experiences



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Farmyard Small World.jpg

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