Carrot Dig Sensory Box

I love when the seasons change and the brighter, sunnier days have definitely encouraged us to spend more time in the garden this weekend. My husband made a mud kitchen last year with some leftover pallets we had and Sophie is finally big enough to use it.

We have set it up in an area of our garden that has some exposed mud. However, the mud is really hard to dig and full of stones and broken tiles etc. When I get time, I am planning to dig some of it out and replace it with compost but for now, I decided to use a large plastic tub filled with compost so that she could get stuck in. I added some plastic flower pots so that she could fill them or scoop the soil, a few gardening tools and some carrots.

Sophie ran straight over the to box when she saw it. It didn’t take her long to find the carrots. She pulled one out and signed ‘food’. I asked her if she wanted to make carrot soup in her mud kitchen and she carried it over.


Sophie really enjoys filling and emptying containers and worked really hard to use the trowel to fill the flower pot with soil.


The she poured water into the mud with her watering can. I love how she tipped it upside down when it was empty and then signed ‘more’. She also used the watering can to pour water into the tubes on her water wall which you can just about see behind her.

She had a great time pretending to cook dinner and mixed the mud and the carrot around in the bowl.

Mud kitchen Carrot Soup

We had a great time playing in the mud until she tried to get me to sample her cooking…


This activity is good for:

  • Enveloping Schema – hiding objects and digging for objects.
  • Moving and Handling – picking up objects, squatting to play, enjoying sensory experiences
  • Numbers – knowing that things exist even when out of sight
  • Shape, Space and Measure – filling and emptying containers
  • Understanding the world – engaging in pretend play using toys



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12 thoughts on “Carrot Dig Sensory Box

  1. This looks like such a fab activity – I’m a bit useless when it comes to planning things for my toddler to do but this one looks like it would be really easy to set up. And Sophie definitely looks like she’s enjoying it 🙂 #MyWildOnes


  2. Oh Anna! Sophie has grown so much! What a lovely idea for sensory play 🙂 and how cute is her hat??

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xxx


  3. Such a wonderful activity. Adding the carrots is a great idea, I may have to copy this one in our mud kitchen for activity hour. It is always a favourite place for the children to play here but I’ve never thought to add real food items like this. Sophie looks like she is having a lovely time in her mud kitchen making carrot soup. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids


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