Chocolate Cornflake Cakes

I make these every Easter and I couldn’t wait to make them with Sophie. Sometimes, I add golden syrup and butter but to make it easier I just used chocolate this time. I never measure out the ingredients when I make these – it’s all just guess work! Which is a good job because my helper ate a lot of the ingredients!

I think Sophie thought it was breakfast time and that she had been given the biggest bowl of cereal ever. She picked up the spoon, got stuck right in and ate quite a few! She snuck a piece of chocolate too.

I melted the chocolate in the microwave and when it was cool enough I dipped a spoon in so that she could try it.


It was safe to say she loved it and she definitely wanted more!

We mixed the chocolate into the cornflakes and put the mixture into some Easter cupcake cases. This was the first time I have cooked with Sophie so it only seemed fair to let her lick the bowl!

She was very kind and did offer me some though.

I showed her how to put the mini eggs on the top of the cakes to decorate them. She tried to eat them but I was a bit worried about her choking on them so I clapped every time she put one on without trying to eat it. By the end, she was clapping herself!

I think they turned out brilliantly and I can’t wait to eat them!



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