Easter Cake Picks – Fine Motor Skills Activity

This no prep activity is great for entertaining a toddler while you cook dinner.

We had some Easter cake picks left over from the cupcake case set we used to make our chocolate cornflakes cakes so I placed them into a bowl and put them on the floor next to an empty flour shaker. I showed Sophie how to pick up one of the cake picks and post it into a hole. She got the hang of it really quickly. Sophie grabbed a few with her left hand then took one from her handful using her right hand without dropping any.


She was able to post them into the holes fairly easily. Next time, I would use a spice jar rather than the flour shaker. The spice jar would tip more easily so Sophie would need to figure out how to keep it steady by using her other hand.


Sophie sat and played until she had posted every cake pick. Then she pulled them all out and balanced the bowl on top of the shaker. I gave her some pipe cleaners to try to post through the holes and she managed to do it.

I am going to leave this activity set up in her play kitchen and hopefully, she will choose to play with it again independently.

This activity is good for:

  • developing fine motor skills – using their fingers to grasp and release objects.
  • developing hand-eye coordination
  • strengthening their pincer grip in preparation for writing later on.

You could develop it by using coloured matchsticks and drawing coloured rings around the holes to encourage your child to match the correct colours.

If you don’t have a flour shaker or cake picks, this activity can also be done with an empty spice jar and toothpicks.


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5 thoughts on “Easter Cake Picks – Fine Motor Skills Activity

  1. They did something similar to this today at baby group… Though, A shoe box was covered in paper and upside down filled with holes, and loads of straws, pipe cleaners and various similar shaped items for the kids to poke through the holes, it was very popular X


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