Baby’s First Easter Basket

Some people may think that Easter baskets are over the top, but I am a sucker for traditions. I loved putting one together for Sophie last year and I have already been buying Easter bits and bobs for her Easter basket again this year.

Here is what was in Sophie’s Easter basket last year when she was 6 months old.

1. Bib and Teether Set – Jack and Jillaroo. This bib set was actually the first thing that I bought Sophie for Easter. She was teething so I though a ‘bunny ear’ teether would be a good alternative to a chocolate egg. Although I used to sew my own bibs, I fell in love with this Liberty fabric so I bought the matching bib too.


I bought some toys to put inside Sophie’s basket. I rotate her toys and I recently got the Easter box back out of the toy cupboard. She loved rediscovering all of these items.


2. Chick and Lamb Soft Toys – Jellycat. I wanted to get her these ones as we got her the polar bear and reindeer for Christmas.

3. Finger Puppets – Sainsburys (I have seen similar ones in Tesco and Asda this year). These were great for encouraging visual tracking, reaching for toys and interactive play.

4. Egg and Spoon Race Set – Sainsburys. The spoons were probably the biggest hit of the entire Easter basket. She obviously couldn’t use the set to race with but we never left home without one because she used them as teethers. I would go as far as saying they were her favourite toy as a baby!

5. Plastic Eggs – Sainsburys. (This year, I have bought some from Poundland, Hobbycraft and Tesco). I filled the eggs with pasta and rice to make them into shakers. Sophie played with them for months and months! In fact, we still have a few in her musical instruments box.

I also bought her some bunny ears to go with her Easter outfit but I don’t think she was too impressed with them!


I put all of the objects into a basket, and then let her explore what was in there. Everything went straight to her mouth. We used the basket as a treasure basket for ages and she would spend ages taking it all out and grabbing things.

We have reused the basket and plastic eggs for lots of activities this year. Take a look at the Easter category for some fun play ideas for toddlers.



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Baby's Easter Basket


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