Easter Round Up

The Easter holidays have officially started and because I work part time, this means I have 3 weeks at home with Sophie. Yay! We have lots of days planned out but I also wanted some fun activities to do at home so I have been pinning Easter ideas on my Pinterest account. I have found so many that I don’t know if 3 weeks is going to be enough time to do them all!

Here is a round up of my favourites:

1. Crayon Resist Easter Egg Hunt – Mom Inspired Life. I used to love doing these pictures as a child. As Sophie loves playing hide and seek, I thought she might enjoy this activity so I am definitely going to give this one a go.   

Watercolor Crayon Resist Easter Egg Hunt

2. DIY Easter Bunny Bean Bag Toss – Pink Stripy Socks. How cute is this bean bag toss game? I love the bold black lines against the cardboard and the bright orange carrots. What’s best is that the carrots are made using a hot glue gun rather than sewing – it’s so quick and simple that it could still be made in time for Easter.

I sewed some hot cross bun bean bags in the week hoping that Sophie would play a bean bag toss game and she wasn’t interested at all! So although I love this one, I probably save this idea for next year. 

 3. Cotton Wool Bud Painted Easter Eggs – No Time For Flash Cards. I have been trying to find different ways for Sophie to paint and recently, we have used pom poms and pegs and plastic Easter eggs. This idea of using cotton wool buds is great because it will also develop fine motor skills as they paint. I love how the child painted on Easter egg shapes. I think these would make really lovely Easter cards.

q-tip easter egg fine motor

4. Roly Poly Egg Painting – Adventures With Little Bear. I used balls to do a similar activity last year to make a Father’s Day card but I love how this person has used Easter eggs. Hopefully, we will have some sunny weather so Sophie can try this one outside.

5. Carrot Footprints – One Krieger ChickI love all of the ideas for seasonal handprints and footprints that are on Pinterest. At Christmas, I made robin footprints and turned them into Christmas decorations. I have already used this idea on our Easter Bunny treat plate. This week, I am going to have a go at making one of these on a piece of hessian and them framing it in an embroidery hoop.

Turn kids feet into carrots.

6. Wobbly Easter Egg Ramp – And Next Comes L. Sophie loved our Easter Egg Drop Game so much that when I spotted this on Pinterest I knew I had to save it. Now I just need to find a big piece of cardboard so that we can have a go.

Easter activity for kids using cardboard ramps and wobbly Easter eggs from And Next Comes L

7. Glow in the Dark Eggs – She Knows. This is a controversial one, as you hear a lot of horror stories about glow sticks but I wanted to  include because I think they look great. I have bought some glow sticks to try this one out and I am going to tape the eggs shut so that Sophie can’t get to them.

Surprise your kids this year

8. Easter Egg Sticky Wall – Toddler Approved. Sophie really enjoyed our ‘Valentine’s Foam Heart Window Stickers’ activity so I think she might enjoy these two activities below. They both say to use contact paper which I think is sticky back plastic over here.

9. Sticky Sheep – Twodaloo. This is really similar to the Easter Egg one but it used pom poms instead. Sophie loves sheep at the moment and has just learned to say ‘baaa’ so I thought she would enjoy making this. Last weekend we gave this one a go – we weren’t quite as successful but I would still recommend it!

 10. Free Easter Egg Hunt Printables – A Whole Lot of TinyWho doesn’t love a freebie? And not only are these Easter egg hunt signs free but they are incredibly cute too! I have printed these out to use as part of our Easter egg hunt on Sunday. I can’t wait. We have rain forecast here so I am going to laminate them just in case and have our wellies ready!

Easter Egg Hunt Printables

It was so hard to choose just 10 ideas. You can see even more ideas on my Easter Pinterest board or click on the Easter tab above to see what Easter activities we have been doing already. Let me know if you try any of them or add any links to some of yours in the comments.


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