Fluffy Sheep Sticking Activity

I tried this activity last week which I featured on my Easter Round up. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that we weren’t quite as successful as Twodaloo.

Sophie loves the sheep we have and has started to say ‘baaa’ when she sees it so I thought a sheep themed activity would grab her attention. I set this activity up for Sophie to play while my husband made breakfast but it didn’t keep her entertained for very long. I think she may have been tired as she had only just woken up though.

I think my error might have been using cotton wool balls rather than pom poms as suggested on the blog post. I tried to talk to Sophie about how soft they felt. She stroked the sheep but wasn’t that bothered about the cotton wool.


When she did have a go, she rubbed the cotton wool balls along the sticky back plastic. While she enjoyed this, it meant that she created lots of areas where the cotton wool balls would no longer stick and they all just fell off.

I found some pom poms to have a go with instead. Sophie preferred the feel of these and enjoyed picking them up. However, they were too heavy to stick on to the sticky back plastic and just kept falling off. She decided to tip the pom poms out of the bowl out (which then went on her head!) and had fun collecting them up and tipping them back out.

I left the activity set up on the window. Later that day, she took herself back over and started to play independently. So maybe it wasn’t that much of a Pinterest fail after all. Although, she did end up pulling the entire thing of the window and then crying when it all stuck to itself!


Even though we weren’t that successful with this activty, I am leaving it on my Easter round up because I love the idea of it and imagine that other children would enjoy it. I am going to try the Easter egg one later to see whether she prefers sticking pieces of paper on instead. Anna

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Fluffy Sheep Sticking Activity

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