Roly Poly Easter Eggs

After the success of the ‘Easter Egg Drop Game’, which Sophie still plays, I thought that I would adapt it using an idea that I featured on my Easter Round up. I spotted a great activity on And Next Comes L where they made a ramp out of cardboard and then rolled the plastic Easter eggs down it.

I hadn’t got any cardboard to use but then I saw an idea on Facebook where someone had used an empty chocolate box to create a ramp. I had a box left over from Mother’s Day so I cut the ends off the chocolate box and the lid and then sellotaped them together. I propped the ramp on the pouffe and put a basket at the end to catch the eggs. Sophie loved this activity straight away!


She even fetched her bunny to help. We used different sized eggs and I changed the incline to make them go faster or slower. Sophie played this for ages. She is such a lazy thing at times though (no idea where she gets that from…) and she sat on the pouffe making ‘uh, uh, uh’ noises to show that she couldn’t reach the eggs in the basket so that I would pass them back to her!


She giggled so much every time they rolled down the ramp and then clapped when they landed in the basket.

She did eventually get off the pouffe and had a go at standing next to the ramp to roll the eggs, sometimes dropping them straight in the basket. There was a fair bit of arm waving/dancing/clapping when they landed in the basket. We took the basket away and watched how far the eggs rolled once they got to the bottom. She did actually collect them back up herself once she had stopped sitting on the pouffe.

Most activities at the moment end up with Sophie putting something on her head lately, so I wasn’t surprised that the basket ended up there.

Sophie absolutely loved this activity. We spoke to her Grandma and Aunty on Facetime later on and she made them both watch her roll an egg down the ramp. When her dad got home from work, she made him play and then she wondered in the lounge to play again after dinner. For such a simple, free activity, it kept her entertained for ages. I am going to get some drainpipes for the garden to create a more permanent version of this game, especially as she enjoyed rolling cars down the drainpipes at the forest school too.


This game is really good for:

  • Moving and Handling – picking up objects
  • Shape, space and Measure – understanding that things might happen ‘now’, using positional language (through, down, into),
  • Understanding cause and effect
  • Hand-eye coordination



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