Easter Egg Stained Glass Window

Sophie woke up at 5.30 am today! So with pjs still on, I decided to embrace the sunshine and have a go at this activity from my Easter Round up. It is quite similar to the Fluffy Sheep Sticking activity, but I wanted to see whether using different materials would grab Sophie’s attention more.

For more details about this activity, pop over to Toddler Approved to find out how to set it up and for suggestions about what different materials you can use. I chose to use tissue paper so that the light would shine through to create a stained glass window effect. Sophie stuck the pieces on straight away and seemed to prefer it to the cotton wool.


She gave herself a clap each time she stuck a piece on! If you look closely at the photo above, you can see fluff stuck to the sticky back plastic. That is because Sophie also enjoyed standing against it and trying to stick herself on! There were lots of giggles during this activity.


She is really focused on colours at the moment so I asked her to find different colours as she selected the pieces. This was a bit tricky as I used stripy and spotty tissue paper too.


It was interesting to watch her do this activity. She carefully selected which piece to use and used her fingers or thumb to push them down so they would stick. There was lots of concentrating going on that I am surprised her tongue wasn’t sticking out!


After a while, she noticed the garden! She has started to put our shoes on and stand by the door or to go and fetch her own when she wants to play outside. However, it was not even 7am so I decided to try to distract her.


I showed her how to throw the tissue paper pieces into the air so they fell like confetti. She loved this and signed ‘more’. She watched the pieces falling down, then closed her eyes and scrunched up her faces as they landed on her.

I lost count of the amount of times we scooped them up and threw them into the air again.

I would definitely recommend this activity. Kristina, from Toddler Approved, has been doing this activity every Easter because it is always such a big hit. Take a look at her blog for ideas about how to vary it. I will definitely have another go at this activity in the future and will be trying out some of her suggestions for different materials to use.


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