Dinosaur Footsteps and Balancing Beams

I haven’t blogged for a while as we have been busy giving our garden a makeover ready for the summer. I have so many ideas that I would like to incorporate from my Pinterest board and our trip to Willow Tots Forest School and as soon as it is finished I will do a blog post.

Sophie has really enjoyed playing in the garden while we have been busy digging, painting and making. One of her favourite things to do is to use an offcut of wood, left over from building our extension, as a balancing beam.


She loves to role play at the moment and took her dinosaurs outside to have a go. We recently went to Puzzlewood where they had some wooden dinosaur footprints so I added some slices of our tree trunks to make her an obstacle course.

She concentrated really hard and was able to step from one tree trunk slice to the next.


I love this photo of her using her arms to help her to balance. When she is a bit older I think I will raise the balance beam off the floor to make it more challenging.


I considered building a permanent stepping stone area in the garden but after I watched Sophie find a piece of tree trunk and carry it over to her obstacle course all by herself I changed my mind. She chose where to put it and then climbed on top. I think having ‘loose parts’ will provide more play value and allow her to move the pieces around and change the layout whenever she fancies.

This cost us nothing to make and has already provided so many hours of play. I can’t wait to get the rest of the play areas set up.

This activity is really good for:

  • Self-confidence – wanting to do things independently.
  • Moving and Handling – Experimenting with different ways of moving and balancing.
  • Developing gross motor skills.


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13 thoughts on “Dinosaur Footsteps and Balancing Beams

  1. Hi i love the idea of tree stumps to balance on and want to do this at my daughter’s house, but we don’t know how to stink the stumps in? Do you dig it out and have to put grave etc underneath or can you dig a little hole around it then just hammer it down? Thanks


    1. Hi Diane, we didn’t dig them in as we only set this up temporarily. They were quite flat and actually quite sturdy when she walked along them. I quite liked the idea of being able to move them and rearrange the course. The tree slices are currently being used as seats in different areas where she plays. Anna


  2. I love natural resources for play – so many different ways to use them and she looks totally engaged in what she’s doing. Dinosaurs are currently very popular here at the moment with the little ones as well :-). Thanks for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday


  3. Such a lovely idea and great fun for all ages! Once our rain stops I’m heading out to set up an after nursery obstacle course for T! Thanks for the inspiration. Xx #toddlerapprovedtuesday


  4. I love this, such a great use of odds of wood. I did just the same with some larger chunks here and bedded them into our play area. the kids made balance beams from them and a seesaw. It was great to watch them create. Sophie will develop great balance doing this as well as a creative mind. That one piece really does look like a stepping stone from Puzzlewood. Thank you so much for sharing with me on #CountryKids


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