Garden Makeover – Patio Area & Path

We recently had some building work done to the back of our house which meant that our garden had ended up looking like a building site as things were dumped there. Craig had a week off work so we decided to start our garden makeover so that we could all enjoy spending some time outside over the summer.

The area below was completely wasted and quite dangerous for Sophie so we decided to start here.


Our garden has a path that follows the fence from the area shown above to the end of the garden. In the photo below, Sophie was desperately trying to follow the path to reach a neighbours cat but it was full of leftover materials from the building work so she couldn’t. We cleared the path and Craig built a shed so that we could store some of Sophie’s garden toys and trikes.

We have some stepping stones that cut through the flower bed and onto the path. I wanted to keep these because Sophie loves to sneak onto the path and I like the idea of having some secret paths and shortcuts for her. However, I still wanted to be able to see her so I cut back some of the plants and took out all of the thorny ones so that she wouldn’t hurt herself.

This area was full of brambles and holly bushes so we decided to clear it and make it more child-friendly. We took up the old paving stones that had been used for the path, so we could use them to make a patio, and laid some pavers that we had been given to create a new path. We still need to bed it in properly but we wanted to see how it would look.


Neither of us are good at gardening but I would love to get Sophie involved in growing some vegetables so we decided to make this area into a vegetable patch. Hopefully, it will get enough sun for things to grow. Craig built some raised beds and we created an area to keep our green bin, which is for gardening waste. We also have a greenhouse (which is currently being used as a storage area!), water butt and compost bin at the top of the garden, which we left by the previous owner so we are well on the way to being ready to have a go!


While Craig made the raised beds I weeded the flower bed on the other side of the path. With my limited plant knowledge, I am pretty sure I pulled out some real plants and ended up keeping some weeds but it looks tidier!


We moved the paving stones from the old path and created a patio area. But after taking the plants/brambles down at the start of the path, we were left with a dirty wall so I painted it white13131352_10156783799420401_3271069168102819472_o


I have wanted a set of festoon lights for as long as I can remember so I bought some to go along the wall and fence. We are planning on lowering the black cable and either putting gravel or some plants along the bottom of the white wall.


We bought a second-hand table and chairs set off a local Facebook selling site which just need a coat of paint. We still need to finish a few bits off but we now have a BBQ and dining area in our garden. I can’t wait for some sunny evenings so that we can sit out there and enjoy it.


We added some flamingos to the stepping stone shortcut on Sophie’s path. We will probably move these to her playhouse when it is finished but for now, she likes to give them a kiss as she goes past!


We tried to get most of the work done during Sophie’s nap times but sometimes we ended up carrying on while she played outside. I am planning on adding some blog posts with some of the activities I set up to keep her busy such as this dinosaurs and balance beam activity.

We are currently working on Sophie’s playhouse and play area so I will write a post about that when it is finished.


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13 thoughts on “Garden Makeover – Patio Area & Path

  1. Love it! That white wall could also be used as a movie “screen” if you ever had a projector handy!


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  3. Wow! what a transformation…. it’s looking really lovely, perfect for BBQ’s on summer time. I love that flamingo too, such a beautiful addition to the garden. #TwinklyTuesday


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