Outdoor Mark Making with Chalk

We have been working on our garden for the last few weeks. I have tried to set up activities for Sophie to do outside so we are not limited to just using nap times. We hung a chalkboard on the side of the shed for her to use but she couldn’t get to it while we built the decking so I left the chalks on the paving slabs for her to use.


She enjoyed making marks on the slabs. This activity kept her focussed for a while which allowed us to continue marking and cutting wood while she was in the garden.


In between marking and cutting the wood, I popped over to see what she was drawing and to have a go with her. We talked about different marks we could make e.g. lines, dots, zig zags. She seemed to prefer making lines with the chalk.


I could tell she was using the red one as she says ‘brr, brr’ as she uses it because it snapped in half and broke.

The chalk stayed on the paving slabs until we had a good downpour of rain. I am sure it would have washed off with the hose pipe but I didn’t mind having her pictures out there for a few days.

This activity is good for:

  • Moving and Handling – holding chalk with whole hand (palmar) grasp and making random marks with different strokes.
  • Exploring and Using Media and Materials  – experimenting with colours and marks


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