DIY Water Wall

We were given a piece of trellis with feet so we decided to turn it into a water wall. I have been pinning ideas for one of these on Pinterest for ages and managed to find some of the flexible tubes in B&M for £1 each.

Even though the weather was still cold when we got it, I wanted Sophie to have a go. So we put together a quick and simple design using the things we already had and headed out into the garden in snowsuits and wellies! We didn’t play for that long because it was cold but I am hoping to add more to the water wall ready for the warmer weather.

We used cable ties to attach the different parts to the trellis. I cut holes in some empty bottles so that the water could trickle through and added a funnel to make it easier to pour the water in, although Sophie kept taking the funnel off.



Since making the water wall I have gathered a few more bits and pieces. We now have a sprinkler head to attach to the yellow tube and a water wheel but I haven’t had a chance to add them on yet. I am trying to decide whether to fix the trellis to our fence or whether to leave it freestanding so we can get it out and put it away.

This activity is good for:

  • Shape, Space and Measures – enjoying filling and emptying containers
  • Cause and effect.


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