Tea Party Water Play

Here is another simple activity that kept Sophie entertained in the garden recently so that I could get some weeding done nearby.

I gave her a tub of warm water, measuring jugs, funnels, some cups and a teapot and she played for ages! You can see the water wall in the background but she didn’t really use it during this water activity.


She happily scooped the water using different containers and enjoyed pouring it back into the tub.


She liked to pretend to drink the water and made the obligatory fake slurping sound…



…until one time when I heard an actual slurping sound!


She soon spat it back out though!


Sophie played for about 40 minutes. Once she had had enough she unzipped her puddle suit and took it off herself. She is getting so independent these days!



A pretend tea party is thirsty work and she enjoyed walking around in the sun with her water bottle afterwards.


This activity is good for:

  • Shape, Space and Measures – enjoying filling and emptying containers.
  • Being imaginative – beginning to make-believe by pretending.

You could also set this up as a pouring station by adding food colouring or glitter. The different coloured water could be put into clear jugs so that when they are poured together the colours will mix.


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