Digger Mud Box

I have been pinning child-friendly garden ideas on my Pinterest board for ages and I loved the diggers and gravel pits that I came across. So when I found this set of diggers in the sale at Tescos I bought them for the garden.

Sophie was so impressed with them that she kept saying digger. She doesn’t say that many words yet so they were definitely a hit!


I have tried to set up a few areas in Sophie’s playroom with toys linked to books, so I  put one of the diggers on her toy shelf with a couple of books about diggers. She loves this noisy book (a lot more than I do!)


I decided to put the other diggers in the garden. We still had some mud in a box from our carrot dig sensory box, so I added them to the box. Sophie enjoyed scooping and tipping the mud using the diggers.



This box is from IKEA and is great because it has a lid so we can leave it outside meaning that she could come back to the activity another day. I added some of the flower pots and gardening tools too as I found it kept her interested for longer.



I took these photos a while ago and I have since used the mud to fill her dinosaur small world tyre and the box is now filled with sand. I am planning on making a construction area with gravel in her play area so that she can use the diggers to move the stones.

This activity is good for:

  • The World – playing with small-world models
  • Being Imaginative –Looking at books and diggers in real life and observing what they do then beginning to make-believe by pretending.
  • Shape, Space and Measure – filling and emptying containers.


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Digger Mud Box - Garden Ideas.jpg

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