Giant Bubbles Tuff Spot Activity

I saw a parent hack on Facebook recently where someone taped a tube of bubbles to a post to stop their child from spilling them. Sophie loves bubbles so much and has recently learned to blow them by herself so I decided to try the hack in our garden. I taped a large tube of bubbles to a tree in the garden but they weren’t full enough to work so I made some bubble mixture to fill it up.


I remembered that I had bought Sophie a large bubble wand from a shop called Tiger, so I decided to set up a bubble tuff spot. I gathered a few hoops to use to make bubbles too.

I filled the tuff spot with water then squirted fairy liquid in circles. I didn’t measure anything. Instead, I just kept adding more fairy liquid until it made bubbles when I dipped the bubble wand in. I managed to make a really good bubble mixture but I think the secret may have been that I used Fairy Platinum (because it was all we had in the house)… I hope that my husband doesn’t read this!


Sophie helped to mix the water with her hands and loved how it made bubbles.


I gave her the giant bubble wand and she dipped it into the water. When she lifted it up nothing happened. I don’t think she was very impressed!


She got the hang of it though and managed to make some huge bubbles. It helped that we had a gentle breeze in the garden because we just had to lift the bubble wand into the air and it blew the bubbles for us.


The bubbles sat on top of the water which she loved because they lasted long enough for her to reach them and pop them. I made the mistake of putting her in a dress which ended up getting dipped into the bubble mixture and soaking it up. She usually asked to be wiped if she gets wet but she was so engrossed that she didn’t even notice.


She discovered that if she pulled the hoops through the air it made bubbles. I love the movement of the bubble in the photo below.




We tried to make some bubbles with her hula hoop but it didn’t work very well. Sophie decided to have a good splash about instead.


Then Sophie started to add every hoop she could find to the bubble mix!


She played for about 30 minutes with the bubbles before realising that she was wet. Then she dried herself off and we went to get changed.


I have poured the bubble mix into a jar so that we can use it again later in the week. I am hoping that this sunny spell continues so that we can get the padding pool and sprinkler out next!


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6 thoughts on “Giant Bubbles Tuff Spot Activity

  1. This is a brilliant idea! My son loves bubbles but is always spilling from the bottle. Love the idea of setting up a whole bubble activity like this 🙂 #toddlerapprovedtuesday


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