Sticks and Stones Sorting Activity

We have broken out a huge stone circle and some concrete in our garden to create an area for Sophie’s mud kitchen. As we removed the stone, we unearthed lots of bricks, old tiles, a broken Belfast sink and lots of stones! Sophie collected lots of the stones and loved washing them in a plastic bowl and spraying the hose on them. She seems to have taken ownership of them and has put them in her bucket.

It was lovely and sunny today so we ate our lunch in the garden. When she finished eating, we fetched the stones and tipped them onto the grass. I have been trying to encourage her to speak so I tried to use lots of different language as we looked at the stones. We found a big stone and a small one and one that looked good enough to lick apparently…


Sophie spent a while putting the stones back into the buckets. She wanted to carry the buckets around but they were quite heavy so we found another bucket and collected some twigs instead.


Here’s an action shot of the stone going into the bucket… THUD! The poor neighbour was outside doing some gardening… I bet she was glad when we went inside!


She was really good at putting the stones into the pink bucket and the sticks into the green bucket.


She loved holding the stones over the stick bucket and saying ‘nah’ before dropping them into the correct bucket.


I am going to keep some of these buckets in her outdoor play area for loose parts. I would like to build a collection of items such as small log slices and pine cones.

This activity is good for:

  • Shape, Space and Measure – filling and emptying containers.
  • Shape, Space and Measure – categorising objects
  • Sorting objects into groups and placing them into containers.



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4 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones Sorting Activity

  1. I love that this activity is outdoors. I also like how simple it is but great for learning sorting skills. It looks like Sophie really enjoyed doing it! #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

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