DIY Barefoot Sensory Path

After we finished our patio makeover, we decided to start working on Sophie’s play area. This was how the top of our garden looked in April. A dangerous mess! So we have spent the last few months transforming this into a play area for Sophie. This has taken a while as we tried to do most of the work while she napped but we did manage to get some done while she was awake by keeping her entertained with some outdoor activities.

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Whatever Next – Story Box

Sophie discovered a love for the moon last winter when she noticed it through the skylight while eating dinner. She now points to the moon in her books every time she spots it. Her baby monitor has a star show that projects onto her ceiling and I am pretty sure that that is the reason why she is happy to be left to fall asleep in her cot as she lies with a cuddly toy and shows them the moon!

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Shiny Treasure Basket

I first came across the idea of treasure baskets when I searched for activities to do with a baby. The concept, which was inspired by Elinor Goldschmied, suggests putting a range of natural, household and recycled objects into a sturdy basket and letting the child explore them independently. The idea is to avoid including plastic because it doesn’t offer much in the way of sensory stimulation.

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Colour Matching

I have tried using mega blocks and coloured squares to help Sophie to learn her colours but I wanted to do some other activities to help her to recognise colours. I cut some shapes out of felt and put them in the tuff spot with the leftover felt cut into a large square shape. When I did this activity, Sophie still wasn’t talking much so I wanted to focus on language.

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