High Chair Water Tray

This is an activity I did last year with Sophie when she was 7 months old. I set the high chair up in the shade and filled the table with water. I floated some balls and milk bottle lids in the hope that she would splash the water and make them move. However, she was more interested in trying to put them in her mouth so I took them off so that she would explore the water.


At first, she pushed the water with her hand. It captured her interest and she worked out that she could repeat the action and make the water move again.


After a while, she discovered that if she hit the water it would make a big splash and she got completely soaked after doing this a few times!


I poured some water from a jug and she tracked it with her eyes. She reached for the water and tried to grab it with her hands.

She absolutely loved this activity and the photo below is still one of my favourite photos that I have even taken of Sophie. I think it captures the sheer delight she had from such a simple activity.


I did this activity outside so that she could make as much mess as she wanted. I set it up in the shade and put some suncream and we played for about 20 minutes.



This activity is good for:

  • encouraging babies to repeat actions that have an effect.
  • sensory experiences



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