Discovery Bottles – Sounds

I made these sensory bottles when Sophie was a baby. They are really simple to make and support their development really well. We still have them over a year later. They live in Sophie’s musical instruments basket and she still uses them now.


What you need:

  • Empty plastic bottles
  • Objects to put inside e.g. straws, cake decorating sprinkles.
  • Old bottle cut to make a funnel
  • Scissors


1. Take the label off the bottles and wash them out.

2. Fill the bottle with the objects you have chosen.


Top tip if you are going to use straws – Put a funnel into the bottle and cut the straws directly into the funnel. 


3. Put the lid on securely. You may wish to glue the lid back on.


4. Shake and play!


I used them during tummy time to give Sophie something to try to reach out and grab.


I also held them above Sophie’s head and moved them slowly across to encourage her to track them with her eyes.


She tried to hold onto them but couldn’t quite shake them herself. It was interesting to watch her develop her grasp.


This activity is good for:

  • Listening and Attention – getting babies to listen to sounds
  • Moving and Handling – turning their heads in response to sights and sounds
  • making movements with arms and legs that gradually become more controlled
  • supporting themselves with their arms during tummy time
  • reaching out, touching and beginning to hold objects


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