Sand Foam

I bought a can of shaving gel ages ago to use for messy play and after we finished our mark making activity, I decided to use it to make some sand foam. I tipped the sand into a plastic box (approx 3 cups of sand).


Then I added the whole can of shaving gel. Sophie was very interested in what I was doing and couldn’t wait to dip her fingers into the foam.


I mixed the sand and shaving gel around until it was all mixed together. I added some more sand until I was happy with the consistency. It felt soft and fluffy but grainy at the same time and made peaks just like egg whites.


The sand foam really clung to our hands and Sophie hated it! She wanted it wiping straight off her hands. She noticed that my hands were covered in it too and she kept saying ‘no, no, no’ and then made me wipe my hands too.


I left the sand foam in the tuff spot in the hope that she would explore it in her own time. I sat and played with it for a while and eventually she came over to have another look. She would only touch it with a stick though!


I tried to show her how you could make marks in it like we had done with the sand but she wouldn’t touch it.


She did press a shell into the sand foam but as soon as it touched her finger she went off to find a towel to wipe it off.



Although it was our least successful activity to date given that Sophie couldn’t bare to touch it, I imagine some children would love it. We will be sticking with sand without the shaving gel for now though.

This activity is good for:

  • exploring sensory experiences of making marks in different materials (if they have a go!)


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