Play Pergola – Music and Water Walls

A couple of weeks ago the top of our garden was an overgrown mess and the log shed had become a dumping ground!


I took Sophie out for the day and when I got home I discovered that my husband had cleared the area, moved the log shed, created a base and put up the pergola that we took down when we moved in. I can’t believe how much he got done in one day. (If you are reading this, thank you, Craig!)


We then attached pieces of trellis to three sides of the pergola. Ideally, I would like to have lots of loose parts in the garden for Sophie to access but for now, we attached objects to each piece of trellis to create a play area.


One side has a music wall. I tried to pick instruments that wouldn’t be too noisy. We back onto a school playing field so we have no neighbours directly behind us, but I didn’t want the neighbours either side to get too annoyed! I will add a post to explain how I made the instruments when I get a chance.


I attached a stick to the trellis using twine so that she would have a beater to use that won’t get lost.


We also created a ball run using old pieces of guttering. I would like to have some loose pieces of guttering and drain pipes for Sophie to play with too.



Finally, we added our water wall onto the back wall. I want to get a long tub to fit underneath to catch the water and I have a few more bits to add. I would also like to add some loops so that Sophie can position the tubes where she would like them to go as she gets bigger.


Our hose only just reaches the top of the garden but Sophie enjoyed catching the spray that it created, with her tongue!


It was interesting to watch how Sophie used the space. The spoon from her musical instrument wall soon got used to stir her water.


She also used the ball run as a water area by pouring water onto the guttering and watching it trickle to the bottom.


We were going to get rid of the pergola, but I am so glad we kept it because we have transformed a wasted space in the garden into a play area. Most of this play pergola was made with recycled materials and cost hardly anything to make.

If you enjoyed this garden makeover, take a look at our patio area makeover and barefoot sensory path. Also, keep an eye out for more posts about Sophie’s play area.




6 thoughts on “Play Pergola – Music and Water Walls

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  2. Love this little space. I’m hoping to add to the little water wall we have just put up. Guttering would be perfect! I love the music wall too 🙂 xx


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