High Chair Water Tray

This is an activity I did last year with Sophie when she was 7 months old. I set the high chair up in the shade and filled the table with water. I floated some balls and milk bottle lids in the hope that she would splash the water and make them move. However, she was more interested in trying to put them in her mouth so I took them off so that she would explore the water.

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5 Tips for Surviving a Caravan Holiday with a Toddler


We recently left our caravan on a campsite in Tewkesbury for a month and travelled down to stay in it every weekend. We have been doing this every May for almost 20 years!  Last year was the first year we camped with Sophie. She wasn’t crawling, so we could put her on a play mat and she couldn’t get very far! However this year, the thought of camping next to a lake with a very mobile toddler, who loves splashing in water, made me a little nervous. Here is what we did to survive:

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Outdoor Play Giveaway

After posting my Giant Bubbles Tuff Spot Activity I had people asking where I bought the bubble wand from and some people mentioned that they didn’t live anywhere near a Tiger Store. So I decided to host an outdoor play giveaway to win some of the goodies, including the giant bubble wand, that we used in our 10 Garden Activities for Toddlers.


To enter click on the link below which will take you to the competition form. I can’t work out how to get it to show on my blog and nap time is over so I have just added the link for now.

Click here to enter!

Good luck!