Bug Hunt

We have worked on so many areas of the garden over the last few months but the one thing I haven’t convinced my husband to make (yet!) is a bug hotel. He hates creepy crawlies and does not want one in the garden! I noticed that earlier in the year Sophie was interested in minibeast and even let a ladybird climb up her arm. However, she has started to become scared of ants and wouldn’t even stand near a worm when we were camping.


Recently, I found some plastic bugs in a charity shop so I bought them for Sophie. I added them to her garden toys to try to get her used to creepy crawlies.


I also decided to leave a few tiles, sticks, stones, leaves and logs behind Sophie’s mud kitchen to try to attract a few creepy crawlies in the hope that a) Sophie wouldn’t be so scared and b) eventually, my husband would let me turn the area into a bug hotel!

I lifted some of the tiles with Sophie and we found a centipede, some woodlice, a beetle and a millipede. She was fascinated and actually came to have a closer look (unlike Craig).


As Sophie loved her Easter egg hunt so much earlier in the year, I decided to set up a bug hunt. I hid the plastic bugs around the garden and gave her a bucket to collect them in.


She discovered some in her bean teepee.


Then she headed back along her sensory path to search for some more.


I can’t believe how grown up she looked walking around the garden with her bucket.


After a good hunt around the garden, she went to sit on her wooden tree trunk seat by her dinosaur small world tyre to check out her collection.


She really enjoyed the activity and found quite a lot of ‘bugs’! Once she had finished collecting them she started to play with them in an area that I had been trying to turn into a fairy garden (It is now well and truly known as the bug garden!). Sophie loved this activity and I am sure it is one that we will repeat again and again. I just hope that next time we go on a bug hunt she will enjoy hunting for real minibeasts as well!


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3 thoughts on “Bug Hunt

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  2. This is such a good idea, we made a bug sensory bin a few years ago when the monsters were scared of bugs! I adore that photo of Sophie in the teepee! ❤

    Thanks so much for sharing on #ToddlerApprovedTuesday, hope to see you link up again.


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