Our Greenhouse Makeover

This was how our garden looked on the advert for our house when we bought it. It was hard to tell what it was like as it was covered in snow!


When we viewed the property we were surprised to find out that there was a massive shed behind the greenhouse, which was hidden from view, and a path behind the bushes on the left. It was much bigger than we initially thought but it felt like it had a lot of wasted space. We decided to move the greenhouse and take down the arbour seat, which was rotten, to open it up. We also pulled out the overgrown flower bed and created a small patio. We had some of the larger trees cut down and created a play area with a barefoot sensory path and play pergola for Sophie.


Our garden makeover almost felt complete except for this area which just looked unloved, especially as the greenhouse had been used a dumping ground. So this weekend we decided to tidy it up and move the patio set down here so that we could enjoy the space.


We moved rubbish, tidied up and weeded the border around the greenhouse and in between the patio slabs. We added gravel and some alpine plants around the edge of the greenhouse and Sophie helped to water the new plants (although I’m pretty sure alpines don’t need that much water). I am very new to gardening and I am not entirely convinced that our alpine plants are going to thrive here but we will see how we go! We have planted some on a muddy slope in our insect garden and they seem to be doing quite well so fingers crossed!


We added a weed membrane under the gravel and cut holes in it to plant the alpines. I love how they look against the reclaimed bricks that we used as the base of the greenhouse.


We had some tree trunks left over from having the trees cut down. We have used some in Sophie’s play area and I was hoping to use some to create a seating area around our fire pit. We haven’t had a chance to cut them yet so for now, we have used them in the corner of the greenhouse to stand plants on.


Alongside our cucumbers and peppers, our first greenhouse project is to try to propagate some of the succulents that we already have in the garden. I am banned from buying any more plants so I am hoping this will be a good way to get even more plants for free. This website has some good advice about how to propagate the plants. If you have any tips please leave them in the comments below.


I am really pleased with the finished area and I can’t wait to fill the greenhouse with lots of plants.


The bottom of our garden is now complete! We have put the BBQ behind the greenhouse, added a wood shed and made a space to store our fire pit. I feel like we have created a family space with a play area for Sophie and an area for us to sit and relax in too. It has changed so much since we moved in and there is so much to keep Sophie entertained.


If you enjoyed this post, take a look at our patio area makeover, the barefoot sensory path and our  play pergola which contains our new music wall.


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2 thoughts on “Our Greenhouse Makeover

  1. Anna you and your husband are amazing. I am 44 with autism. I have moved in my new flat now and my garden is going to be like Sophies. I love mud and clay an cars and water just like sophie. Thankyou for your inspiration.


    1. Hi Laura. Thank you for getting in touch. I am so glad that my blog has given you inspiration. Your garden sounds like it’s going to be great! I would love to see some photos when it’s finished 🙂 x


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