Witch Hat Ring Toss

Sophie is really into throwing things at the moment, often accompanied by a loud “flyyyyyyyyy!” So I wanted to try to set up some activities to embrace this new found love of flinging things around the house but also to channel this into throwing appropriate objects especially as we are currently working on drinking from an open cup!

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Weekend Willow Tots, Warwickshire

Yesterday, we went to the weekend play session at Willow Rangers, which is based on the Umberslade Farm site. I have written a blog post about Willow Rangers before before I wanted to do another one because there were so many new things there and we had so much fun.

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Chocolate Witches Hats

Sophie is loving ‘Room on the Broom’ so much and says “frog shower” and “witch says yes” on repeat all day (except for when she’s singing ‘Everybody Wants to be a Cat’!) So I have been trying to think of activities linked to the story to avoid having to read it on a loop all day! So far, I have put together a story basket and printed colouring sheets for her. I decided to make some chocolate witches hats with her for our next activity. She enjoyed looking for the ingredients in the supermarket.

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Pumpkin Play Dough

I pinned a ‘pumpkin play dough invitation to play’ idea on my Halloween Pinterest board a while ago and knew that I wanted to set it up for Sophie. The idea came from ‘I Heart Crafty Things‘ who has so many great sensory dough ideas and also lots of suggestions of pumpkin themed books to read which you should check out. After our visit to the pumpkin farm, I decided it was time to make a batch of pumpkin play dough by adding some orange food colouring to this no cook recipe.

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