Sophie’s 2nd Birthday – Cat Party

This year we decided to have just a small gathering with Sophie’s grandparents, aunts and uncles and a couple of friends to celebrate her second birthday because we had hosted a big BBQ a couple of weeks before for her Grandad’s birthday. Sophie is absolutely mad about cats so I decided to make it a cat themed party. I love Pinterest and spent lots of time pinning ideas. Here are some photos of the decorations and cat themed food that I ended up making.

I bought polystyrene balls from Hobbycraft and covered them with wool to make them look like balls of wool that a cat might like to play with. I put these on the cake table and around the room to add some colour.


Sophie is obsessed with the Aristocats movie and not a day goes by without her quoting something from it! So I decided that I had to incorporate Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz into the theme. I found these figures on ebay and made mini party hats for them. I left the cats on our fireplace in the run up to the party and Sophie kept saying “birthday cats up high”. I think she is pretty pleased that she can finally play with them now the party is over!


I used the leftover wool to make some pom-pom garlands, which I hung around the room. I think these might stay up in the play room now the party is over.


I created some card bunting to decorate the room. I used gold letters to spell out ‘litterbox’ and hung it above the door to the toilet. My husband said it should say ‘litter tray’ but a) I’m half Canadian, b) I ran out of card for extra flags and c) I didn’t have another letter ‘t’ so decided that ‘litterbox’ would be fine.


We decided to have a cake table rather than doing lots of party food. My mum made some scones and brownies which were delicious and I made some rocky road which I added Cadbury’s caramel nibbles too.


I tried to incorporate the cat theme into the food and I used some Ferrero Rochers for ‘hairballs’. I considered making a litter tray cake but I thought that was a step too far… which was a good decisions because people found the hairballs gross enough!


I added some chocolate mice to the cheesecake.


We put a few nibbles out, including some ‘fish and chip’ shaped crisps which I put into a plastic fishbowl from Poundland.


I used Oreos and chocolate buttons to make paw prints on top of the fairy cakes.


I used chocolate chips and strawberry laces to make mice. The children at the party loved pinching the chocolate chips while no one was looking.


I also attempted making salted caramel millionaire’s shortbread which was a disaster because I put the oven on too low and the shortbread didn’t cook! I ended up scraping off the raw shortbread about an hour before the party and replacing it with chocolate covered cornflakes which worked surprisingly well. I used white chocolate buttons and chocolate chips to make paw prints on the top.


I reused the table cloth that I made for Sophie’s first birthday. I love traditions and I quite like the idea of this becoming our ‘birthday tablecloth’ and fetching it out every year.


I really enjoyed making the decorations and wish I had started much earlier so that I could have made even more. I am looking forward to future parties when I can include some party games too. We had a lovely day, despite the rain, but were absolutely shattered by the end!



4 thoughts on “Sophie’s 2nd Birthday – Cat Party

    1. Thank you 🙂 Go for it – I picked this one up from the Works! Her favourite part of the movie is when they paint and sing… I wanted a mini piano to put on top but the only ones I could find were too big.


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