Sophie’s Playroom (Toddler)

Sophie was given lots of new toys for her birthday, so I have just rearranged her playroom and found homes for it all so I thought I would take some photos while it looked tidy!

I am such an untidy person but I love the feeling of having no clutter. So as soon as Sophie started to get more toys I knew that I didn’t want them to take over the lounge. Our house has two downstairs rooms so we decided to use one as a lounge and one as Sophie’s playroom. This means we can close the door on the playroom and have a toy free area to relax in once Sophie is in bed.


When we first set up Sophie’s playroom I had boxes full of toys in this unit. You couldn’t see in there and they became a bit of a dumping ground. I took the boxes out and choose a few toys to place in baskets. I found that having less toys out meant Sophie played more independently especially as she could help herself.


I try to only have a few toys out and then rotate them as Sophie started to get bored of them. She loves money at the moment and will fetch my purse and empty it. She also loves animals (especially  cats) so I have set up some items that we can use to play ‘pet shops’ including animals, pet food, pet toys, a basket and purses with coins.


This shelf has a story basket which Sophie loves. We have had this one out for so long but she still plays with it so I haven’t changed it.


We used to have a mini trampoline in the playroom but Sophie was given this construction kit for her birthday which is fantastic so we have swapped it over (and the trampoline is now taking over the spare bedroom!). So far we have made a shop (which is where the pet shop shelf originated from) and it is currently a house for her dolls. I think we might make a boat next! You can just see the frames on the wall. They are from IKEA and have a bulldog clip so that you can easily change the picture. We use them to display some of the picture that she has made.


Sophie has always liked playing with small figures and has such a good imagination so I wanted to have a variety of toys out which she could use to create her own little worlds. The blue trolley is from IKEA and has had things like farm sets, wooden blocks and mega blocks in for her to help herself to.


On one of the shelves I have put bowls containing cars, people and animals for her to use. We have lots of Happyland sets so every so often I change the figures that are in the bowls so that she doesn’t get bored.


Due to her cat obsession we have being playing a lot of Aristocats lately! So we have a river and train set which she likes to use to re-enact the scene where Marie falls in the river and Tom saves her.



Sophie loves to build so I always keep some blocks in a basket. We have duplo out at the moment which Sophie got for her birthday. I find that by keeping it in a basket with no lid Sophie will just start building when she fancies rather than having to wait for me to get the blocks out.


We put a shelving unit in the alcove which I use to store her paint and playdough at the top – out of reach! She knows that it is there and will sometimes ask to have it out.


I have put some art things on to one of the shelves that Sophie can reach so she can help herself. Sophie has only ever tried to draw on the wall once so I don’t mind leaving crayons out but the felts are stored out of reach, in the boxes above, just in case! The Water Wow book is amazing – you use a pen filled with water to paint and when you are finished you leave it to dry so you can use it again.


We have a mirror in her playroom so I have put a basket of dressing up clothes next to it. She was walking around as a pirate fairy yesterday!


This table and chairs set from IKEA is probably the thing which Sophie uses the most. She colours at it, plays with playdough, eats snacks and often sits there looking at herself in the mirror. I am not happy with the position of the magnetic board above the table because she can’t really reach it very well but we made so many holes in the wall trying to put it up that it is staying there! We usually hang pictures she has made on there. I would like to move it so that she can get more use out of it though.


The teepee is my favourite thing in the playroom. I bought it from Hobbycraft then added the coloured panel and the pink edge. Sophie loves to hide in the teepee but we also lie in there to read stories. I would like to add some fairy lights to make it really cosy.


When we moved in there was a patio door in the alcove which led into a conservatory. My dad and my husband worked their magic, knocked it down and built an extension. Eventually we will extend our kitchen into it but for now we have a dining table on the left hand side (out of view) and we put seating on the right hand side which we tend to use in the day time rather than sitting in the lounge.


I love this part of our house and we spend most of our time in it. Can you spot Sophie’s toys that have taken over the extension too?


So that’s a quick tour of our playroom. It is often the tidiest room in our house because everything has a place and we don’t have too much stuff out. I feel like the lay out has helped Sophie to play independently. She loves to play with you, but will happily play on her own too.

If you are wondering where we keep all of the other toys while they are not been used, I have included a photo below. We are really lucky to have a cupboard in our hall. Although, as you can see it is filled from the floor to the ceiling and we also have a few boxes in the spare bedroom and her baby toys are in the loft. I think we will have to donate some to a worthy cause if Sophie gets any more for Christmas though!


If you enjoyed this post, make sure to take a look at Sophie’s garden.



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5 thoughts on “Sophie’s Playroom (Toddler)

  1. What a gorgeous space for Sophie to play. I wish we had a playroom for Jasmine as all her toys end up dumped in a pile in the living room so she doesn’t really play with them. Her bedroom is tiny so we can’t even put them in there. Definitely agree about rotating toys regularly – it makes such a difference. 🙂 x


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