Room on the Broom – Story Basket

Sophie loves the Gruffalo so I thought I would expand her Julia Donaldson collection. I bought her Room on the Broom and she loves it! So much so, that she has asked me to read it at least five times every day since I bought it!

We have recently got the Halloween decorations out of the loft so I decided to set up a story basket using a cauldron from Asda.


Sophie helped me to chose some of her cuddly toys to use. It annoys me that the colours don’t match the characters in the story but Sophie doesn’t seem to mind. I did google the official Room on the Broom toys but they cost a fortune so we will stick with what we have! I also added an hairband with orange plaits from Tiger and a small broomstick from ASDA.


Sometimes Sophie acts out the story using the props as I read it to her. We talk about the pictures and the story and find the matching toys. Here she is making the bird fetch the bow and take it back to the witch.


We don’t have a dragon toy so we used a dinosaur instead. Sophie is starting to narrate what she does and said “grab witch” as she played.


We had most of the ingredients needed for the potion in our garden, so we gathered them up. Sophie used the cat’s hand to pick the pine cone up and pretended that the cat was putting it into the cauldron.


Sometimes she uses the props to play her own game rather than to act out the story. She likes to make the animals sit on the broom, hug each other and often makes them go to sleep and tells them to “sleep tight”.


As she loves this book so much, I decided to turn her toy house into a witches house. I have left the story basket in there for her to play with whenever she wants to. I love that when I went to change the laundry over I came back to find her reading the story to the witch!


Sophie is really enjoying this story so we snuggled on the sofa and watched the animated version after her nap one day. It is really well done and she was totally engrossed whilst watching it. I would love to take her to see the live show at our local theatre over the Christmas holidays but I am not sure whether she would sit still for the whole production.

Have you read any of the Julia Donaldson books? Which one would you recommend for us to read next?

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6 thoughts on “Room on the Broom – Story Basket

  1. Hi there, just a quick suggestion- another story by Julia Donaldson called paper dolls. It’s a lovely story for little girls and you can make paper dolls together afterwards. Definitely recommend!
    Ps love your story basket and photos x


  2. Brilliant! She brought the book and the witch toy we got her from Waitrose last year for us to read to her too …. and made me wear a witch’s noise lol x


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