Foam Pumpkin Window Stickers

Sophie found a paintbrush in her playroom just before dinner and kept asking to paint. To distract her, I set up a quick activity that involved using water instead of paint! I found some foam sheets from the craft box and I cut out pumpkin shapes and a selection of eyes, noses and mouths. I started to stick them to the window using a paintbrush and some water. Within seconds Sophie noticed and wanted to have a go.


I stuck the spare shapes to the window and showed her how to use the water to stick them to the window and the foam.


She enjoyed changing the pieces and used some of the names of the shapes as she moved them.


I love listening to her narrate what she is doing. In the picture below she told me that she had added “circle ears” to her pumpkin.


We had a towel nearby in case of spills, but she was really careful.


When she stuck one of the mouth pieces on she said “moustache!” and laughed.


Then she said “beard” and started to paint a beard on herself with the paintbrush. Luckily it was just water!


This activity was so quick and easy to set up and Sophie really enjoyed it. If you don’t like  the idea of using water you could set up a similar activity using felt pieces. We are hoping to go and pick a pumpkin tomorrow. I can’t wait to carve a pumpkin with her again this year… I wonder if she will want a cat one again!

If you enjoyed this post, take a look at our Halloween page for more ideas.


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