Pumpkins R Us, Wasperton Farm

Last year, we took Sophie to buy a pumpkin from Pumpkins R Us at Wasperton Farm, near Barford. She has loved cats for as long as I can remember so I think the highlight of her visit was getting this close to a cat!


My dad would say that if something happens once then I will call it a tradition. So I guess a tradition was born! As soon as I started seeing pumpkin pictures popping up on my Instagram feed, I knew it was time to visit the farm again.

It is so much more fun to visit a farm in search of pumpkins rather than a supermarket. Pumpkins R Us have so many more pumpkins to choose from in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colours. This year there were lots of white and green ones alongside the traditional orange pumpkins and even some grey ones.


We dressed Sophie in bat tights and cat ears (which didn’t stay on!) and headed to Wasperton Farm in search of pumpkins and a cat.


When we went last year, Sophie had only just started to walk and she didn’t want to walk on the hay. This year she was off and desperately wanted to climb the pumpkins! We managed to convince her to make do with climbing in and out of the trolleys instead.


She enjoyed walking up and down the rows of pumpkins searching for pumpkins that were big enough to sit on, which wasn’t hard as there were some massive ones.


She was convinced this one was a massive cucumber!


Sophie looked everywhere for the cat from last time but it was nowhere to be seen so we searched for the witch from ‘Room on the Broom’ instead. We ended up playing ‘Room on the Broom’ but we changed the words to “Is there room on the pumpkin for a Sophie?” which Sophie found hilarious.


As well as the tunnel full of gigantic pumpkins, they also have a ‘spooky shop’ which has crates and baskets full of mini pumpkins in different colours and shapes. The shop also sells lots of reasonably priced Halloween gifts from decorations, make-up kits, costumes and lights.


We ended up filling our trolley with mini pumpkins, which I wanted to decorate the fireplace and window sills with. We bought 6 mini pumpkin and a wooden ghost decoration for £7.50. I am not sure how much the larger pumpkins cost as they don’t have any prices displayed.


Here is Sophie posing as a pumpkin head!


We had a lovely time wondering around but as we headed back to the car we felt disappointed that we hadn’t spotted the cat.


Just as we buckled Sophie into her car seat the cat appeared and came right up to the car door. Sophie was so excited! We got her back out and the cat let her stroke it. I think yet again, it was the highlight of her visit to Pumpkins R Us (we didn’t tell her that it wasn’t the same cat as last time).


As I sit here typing this blog post up, the mini pumpkins are on the fireplace and the candles are lit. It feels so cosy and autumnal.

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I can’t wait to visit again next year! If you live near Warwickshire, Pumpkins R Us is open from 8am – 6pm, 7 days a week until Halloween and is well worth a visit.


*I have not been sponsored to write this post. I just wanted to share our days out on the blog. 

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14 thoughts on “Pumpkins R Us, Wasperton Farm

  1. Oh these photos are just beautiful.Sophie looks so cute against all those pumpkins.I definitely think you’ve picked a great tradition to follow.Over from Country Kids.


    1. I had never seen the really red ones before – they were as red as tomatoes. I was so relieved to see the cat too as we had talked about seeing it before we went and I can imagine the entire journey home would have been Sophie asking where the cat was!


    1. There are so many pumpkin patch photos on social media aren’t there? I love them! We never made it to a bluebell wood earlier in the year and I kept seeing gorgeous photos – going to try to find one next year. x


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  3. Looks like a great farm and somewhere which is close to us (we’re near Oxford) but hadn’t heard of before.
    Love your photos and how you changed your story from Room on the Broom – clever and cute!
    Sounds like a fun time was had by all and the price of £7.50 for your mini pumpkins is a bargain!


  4. I’ve really enjoyed seeing your pumpkin pictures on Instagram so it’s lovely to read the full story behind them here. The colours on the pumpkins are wonderful, I rather like the white ones and the cucumber look a likes. It certainly looks worth a visit and considering you came home with a decoration and your little pumpkins for just £7.50 it sounds like a cheap outing to me. Sophie looks wonderful in her Pumpkin suit as does your fireplace with it’s festive decorations.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids


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