Chocolate Witches Hats

Sophie is loving ‘Room on the Broom’ so much and says “frog shower” and “witch says yes” on repeat all day (except for when she’s singing ‘Everybody Wants to be a Cat’!) So I have been trying to think of activities linked to the story to avoid having to read it on a loop all day! So far, I have put together a story basket and printed colouring sheets for her. I decided to make some chocolate witches hats with her for our next activity. She enjoyed looking for the ingredients in the supermarket.

As soon as I started to put the ingredients on the table to take a blog photo, she came running over and wanted to see what was in the bowls.


I managed to get the bowls back off her and take this photo of ingredients. We used ice cream cones, dairy milk, chocolate digestives and cake decorating sprinkles.


I could tell that Sophie really wanted to make these hats because she let me put an apron on her and sat so nicely holding the chocolate!


I showed her how to break it up, then we ate a couple of squares before melting it in the microwave – risky but so much quicker than melting it over a pan of boiling water. I made sure to keep checking on it so that it didn’t burn!


Then I dipped the ice cream cone into the melted chocolate and placed it on top of the biscuit. I used a knife to spread some more chocolate over the the join and the biscuit. I didn’t manage to get any photos of this stage but I did sneak a photo of Sophie pinching a few of the decorations while I was busy coating the cone!


She was really good at picking up the decorations one at a time and placing them onto the cone. Fabulous fine motor skills at work!


It was quite a messy job and she licked the chocolate off her hands a few times – it’s a good job we weren’t serving these to anyone except for her dad!


We managed to get through quite a lot of wipes during this activity. Sophie asks for wipes throughout meal times so I wasn’t surprised that we went through a lot while making these. We wiped the table and our hands as we went and I threw all of the dirty bowls etc into the sink behind me as we worked so we managed to stay fairly clean!


By the time we had made one for each of us and Craig, Sophie was beginning to lose interest. It seemed a shame to waste the leftover melted chocolate, and we had snacked on so much while making the hats that I felt too sick to eat it from the bowl, so I decided to make cornflake cakes with the extra chocolate. Sophie helped to mix the chocolate and the cornflakes together.


Then we sprinkled some of the leftover decorations on the top. Then we left them to set.


We are having a battle with Sophie about going into the highchair at the moment and she wanted to sit on the ‘good girl chair’ (as she likes to call it) to make the chocolate hats. So I was really pleased that she sat so well and didn’t get down which meant she didn’t get sticky chocolate hand prints everywhere!

Sophie told her dad all about what she had made when he phoned to say he was on his way home so I think she enjoyed doing it. And here are our finished chocolate witches hats and our bonus cornflake cakes which were delicious.


If you enjoyed this post, take a look at our Halloween page for more ideas.



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