Pumpkin Play Dough

I pinned a ‘pumpkin play dough invitation to play’ idea on my Halloween Pinterest board a while ago and knew that I wanted to set it up for Sophie. The idea came from ‘I Heart Crafty Things‘ who has so many great sensory dough ideas and also lots of suggestions of pumpkin themed books to read which you should check out. After our visit to the pumpkin farm, I decided it was time to make a batch of pumpkin play dough by adding some orange food colouring to this no cook recipe.

I put some googly eyes, black beans and green pipe cleaners into the bowl for Sophie to use. We had made pumpkin faces out of foam but I also included a picture of carved pumpkins to give her some ideas.


I rolled the play dough into balls and showed Sophie how to use the beans to decorate it. She enjoyed pushing the beans and googly eyes into the play dough and said “eyes… nose…” as she did it.


She had a go at squashing the play dough into the ball by herself.


I love how she sticks her tongue out when she concentrates.


She really enjoyed picking up the beans and dropping them as she played so I think I will put together a Halloween themed sensory box using beans for our next activity.


I showed Sophie how to squash a ball of play dough to make a flat pumpkin. She had a go and said “flat like a pancake”. (A note for my mum as I know you read my blog – I love that she uses her Aunty Katie’s saying from when she was probably about the same age!)


Sophie loves playing with play dough as do the children in my reception class at school. Not only is it fun but it strengthens their hands as they play which is good preparation for scissor control and being able to hold a pencil. By adding loose parts such as beans and pipe cleaners it also helps to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.


We both had lots of fun making pumpkins out of play dough. It was a bit messy but we played in the kitchen where we have laminate flooring and it was easy to wipe up any bits that she had dropped. We have stored the play dough in a Tupperware box so that it doesn’t dry out and I have already got it back out to keep her entertained while I made dinner.


If you enjoyed this post, take a look at our Halloween page for more ideas.


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