Bubbling Magic Potions

Sophie’s favourite part of ‘Room on the Broom’ is when the witch mixes a potion and creates a broomstick with a shower for the frog. She often says ‘shower for frog… funny’. So I really wanted to make some magic potions with her.

You can create these bubbling magic potions using just bicarbonate of soda and vinegar but I wanted to make them a bit more special so I added a few more ingredients. We also used water, food colouring, glitter and washing up liquid.


Knowing that Sophie hates her hands being messy and loves to tidy up, I let her have a go at mixing the potions herself. I told her what to put in and showed her how to do it then she had a go. We used her twisty dropper to half fill the pots with water.


I added the food colouring (because that had potential to go really wrong) but I let Sophie decide which colours to use. Then I let her tip some glitter into each cauldron.


We used a stick to stir the mixtures around and pretended that we were making magic potions.


Then we added 1tsp (ish) of bicarbonate of soda to each cauldron.


We also put a squirt of washing up liquid into each one to make the bubbles last longer once the chemical reaction happened. Craig was not impressed to discover that I had used the Fairy Platinum!


Then Sophie poured some vinegar into one of the cauldrons. The chemical reaction happened straight away and the mixture began to fizz and bubble then quickly overflow. Immediately she said ‘another one please!’


We added vinegar to each of the cauldrons in turn and they all made different colour mixtures. The foam was glittery but it didn’t show up very well in the photos.


Sophie asked for her witches hat while she was playing. I think she really thought she was making magic potions. Every time she finished she said ‘again’ or ‘another one’.


We ended up having to make two more magic potions with her dad when he got home because she was so excited. If you have a go at this activity, make sure to put the container onto a tray before adding the vinegar so that you catch any spills.


If I do this activity again, I might try powder paint instead of food colouring to give a more vivid colour and also add some sequins.

If you enjoyed this post, take a look at our Halloween page for more ideas.


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