Halloween Play Dough

Last week Sophie asked for bat play dough. I asked her if she meant black play dough. She replied “No! Bat play dough mummy” so I decided to make her some black play and get out the Halloween cutters.

I grabbed the ingredients from the cupboard and made a batch. I added black food colouring (a lot of black food colouring) and some glitter. It was really sticky but I kept adding flour until it was ok to use.

Fast forward to last night when Sophie asked to play with the play dough. It had not lasted well and was a great big sticky mess! I think the ‘disaster play dough’ was a combination of using baking powder instead of cream of tartar, by mistake, and also adding so much food colouring! I felt really bad as I had given some of this play dough to friends for their toddlers to use as well…

I decided to have a go at making a new batch. I mixed the following dry ingredients together: 2 cups of plain flour, 1 cup of salt and 2 tbsp cream of tartar. Then I stirred in 2 tbsp vegetable oil and 1 tsp of glycerine to give the play dough a shine. I added 2 cups of boiling water and stirred it well. I decided to try adding black paint instead of food colouring and lots of glitter. Once the mixture cooled, I kneaded the dough until it was the right consistency. I ended up adding more flour as it was still quite sticky. I found that the black paint came off a bit on the table cloth so I will probably go back to food colouring next time.

I put together a bowl with googly eyes, silver balls, black beans and pink glittery legs so that Sophie could make spiders.


I started to make one and she soon came running over to have a go.


She started to use the silver decorations and poked them into the ball of play dough saying “eyes… make a pumpkin” just like we had done with the pumpkin play dough.


Craig saw what we were doing and soon came running to join in too! Here is his spider.


We also got the Halloween cookie cutters back out.


I rolled out some play dough ready to cut a shape out but Sophie claimed it and decided to turn it into a spider.


It was lovely to all sit and play with the play dough before we had dinner and Sophie enjoyed playing with her dad.


That smile above is because they were making play dough cats having play dough poos… why does it always come back to toilet humour?! And just in case you wanted to see their masterpiece, here it is:


Does anyone else have a toddler that finds poo hilarious?

I think play dough from the shop feels lovely but I prefer the smell of homemade play dough and the fact you can make it any colour and add glitter, herbs, spices etc. I have stored it in a Tupperware box  and I am hoping that this batch will last longer than a week!

If you enjoyed this post, take a look at our Halloween page for more ideas.


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