Pumpkin Patch Small World

I love it when real life events feature in Sophie’s play. Last week, we were off on an adventure to the pumpkin farm before we had even got changed out of our pyjamas!

We bought Sophie a Grimm’s rainbow for her second birthday. It took a lot of persuading from me and a discount code from Bapi Pur to convince Craig that it would be worth the money. I am so pleased that I convinced him to get it because she has played with it almost every day since we gave it to her. Sophie started to use the rainbow pieces to make a tunnel. I said it looked like the one at the pumpkin farm which prompted us to gather all of our pumpkins and pretend that it was Wasperton Farm.


My mum bought her a Peppa family set, which she also plays with every day, and it wasn’t long until Peppa and her family came to visit our pumpkin farm.


While we were at the Pumpkins R Us, Sophie found it hilarious when we played a pumpkin version of ‘Room on the Broom’ and so we played the same game with Peppa. Did you know “Is there room on a pumpkin for a pig like me?” is apparently the funniest thing ever?


We used one of the arches to create the wall behind where all the pumpkins were kept then Sophie started to move the characters around.She is just beginning to make her toys talk to each other, which is utterly adorable! Here is Peppa climbing on the pumpkins and her mum telling her to get down…


I wonder where that story line came from?


I love that the Grimm’s rainbow is such an open ended toy and can be anything that you want it to be. We used some of the smaller pieces to make trolleys like the ones they had at Pumpkins R Us. Peppa chose a pumpkin and had a ride with it in the trolley.



Then Sophie helped her to pay the lady for the pumpkin so that she could take it home.


We also stuck a giant pumpkin on our truck just like the one at Pumpkins R Us.


Sophie loves to play games with small characters where she can act our scenarios. Creating a pumpkin farm together and watching her recreate some of the experiences she had made me realise how important it is to give her lots of real life opportunities to help develop her language and imagination. I love watching her engage in pretend play as I feel like a get a glimpse into what she is thinking. So far, our Grimm’s Rainbow has been a playground, a house, cots, cars and a road. I can’t wait to see what else she uses it for!


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