Witch Hat Ring Toss

Sophie is really into throwing things at the moment, often accompanied by a loud “flyyyyyyyyy!” So I wanted to try to set up some activities to embrace this new found love of flinging things around the house but also to channel this into throwing appropriate objects especially as we are currently working on drinking from an open cup!

I bought some glow-sticks and taped them together with masking tape to make rings. Then I showed Sophie how to throw throw the ring to try to get it onto the hat. She ended up sitting really closely and placing it onto the hat rather than throwing it.


Apparently it was quite funny to try to get them over her own head too!


We also had a go at throwing them over the pumpkin. I am rubbish at throwing and she found it funny when I missed!


This was so quick and easy to set up and we played as soon as we went downstairs so it was still dark enough for the glow-sticks to shine. I think it would be fun to play this outside one evening using carved pumpkins so that you could see where to aim. Maybe I will try that next year, when her throwing will be even more accurate than mine!


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