Foam Pumpkin Window Stickers

Sophie found a paintbrush in her playroom just before dinner and kept asking to paint. To distract her, I set up a quick activity that involved using water instead of paint! I found some foam sheets from the craft box and I cut out pumpkin shapes and a selection of eyes, noses and mouths. I started to stick them to the window using a paintbrush and some water. Within seconds Sophie noticed and wanted to have a go.

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Sophie’s 2nd Birthday – Cat Party

This year we decided to have just a small gathering with Sophie’s grandparents, aunts and uncles and a couple of friends to celebrate her second birthday because we had hosted a big BBQ a couple of weeks before for her Grandad’s birthday. Sophie is absolutely mad about cats so I decided to make it a cat themed party. I love Pinterest and spent lots of time pinning ideas. Here are some photos of the decorations and cat themed food that I ended up making.

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