Fireworks Sensory Box

After taking Sophie to see some fireworks yesterday, I wanted to do some activities with her to explore sound. I set up a sensory box with musical instruments, coloured scarves, light up balls and a cheer leading pom pom.

I put the box on top of a foil blanket so that would make a noise as she approached the box. As soon as she stepped on it, she started to jump which made a crinkly sound.


I was lucky enough to be given some instruments by a friend when they were clearing some things out and I put them into the sensory box because they made similar sounds to the fireworks we had seen.



I added a colour changing light from B&Q because it looked like a firework exploding in the sky.


Sophie sat and said the names of the colours as the lights changed. We talked about what colour fireworks we had seen the night before and watched a video of them on my phone.


I added the pom pom because it also reminded me of a firework and it made a great noise when she shook it. We pretended to be fireworks and jumped around the room shaking the pom pom and throwing the scarves into the air


Sophie loves pretend play and fetched her baby to come and watch the fireworks. She sat her on her lap and said “I hold you.”


Then she fetched the pushchair for the baby and put a hat and blanket on her to keep her warm. She told the baby it was dark. I love to watch her play and am so impressed with her imagination.


I absolutely hate dolls but I have had to face my fear because Sophie loves them. I think it is so adorable that she holds her baby’s face as she kisses her.


When her baby was happily tucked in her pushchair she went to find some fireworks to show her. This bottle is full of sparkly pipe cleaners which Sophie shook. We have used this bottle before with a magnet to make the pipe cleaners move around.


I put some bubble wrap in the box too and Sophie tried really hard to pop it. She said it was hard and asked for help a few times but she concentrate really hard and said, “Oh wow!” when she finally managed to pop one.


She popped quite a few and said “bang same as firework” as she played. After a while she decided just to stand up and jump on it instead which was easier.


She seemed to really enjoy exploring the firework sensory box and I think I will leave it out in the playroom for her to use when she wants to. I am going to try and make some pretend sparklers to add to too.

If you enjoyed this post, take a look at our Bonfire Night page for more ideas.


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